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Anti-Veela!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2 [entries|friends|calendar]

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Commentary with Cara!!!!!!!!! [16 May 2005|07:17pm]

This is probably the greatest thing anyone has ever done to that bug-eyed freak, and sadly it wasn't me this time!!!1 My comments are liek bolded.

from lores_ (formerly veelaoferised)'s journal:

This is a filter. You are on this filter. This means I trust you.Yay secrets!

I will feel much better after this has gotten out to you. I want to be
honest with the people I feel are honest with me. *tension rises*

I think it's quite evident why I got a new username. (nope I'm still confused wtf is with lores?)I'd been thinking
about it for quite some time previous to actually doing it. Some of
you may have noticed that I address someone in this journal, someone
who is not on my flist any longer. (omg who?!?!!?) Someone who believes she stood up
for me when in fact she tore our relationship apart and made a show of
me on livejournal. She concocted a lie that I must reveal to those
closest to me. I don't believe I have it in me to make this public.
I'm not prepared for the comments I'll receive. I don't even know that
I'm prepared for what some of you might say. (Up me thinks I knoes who that iz!)

I did not attempt suicide.(*dies* MY WORLD STOPPED TURNING)

Let me first off say, before I go on, that I KNOW it sounds sick. I
KNOW. (duh insect) And please believe me when I say I have indeed been down that
road before. I knew, and know, this was no laughing matter. I know the
feelings exactly. But, according to its_couture, it was the only way.(lolz I bet)

I let my emotions get out of hand. I didn't even think about the
implications. I didn't realize what would result of this. I made a
public post at my old journal which was used as a bashing missile
against me, even to this day. I was fucking angry. I was fucking angry
that some twat was able to say whatever she damn well pleased with a
group of then twenty one girls backing her up. (too bad you don't have that many friends =() The majority backing
her up out of fear, for fear they'd be the next veelaoferised.(omg not the next veelarz!)

Alaina, its_couture, was worried what would be said about me. I
honestly believed her and took everything she said into consideration.
I mean, tehparadox was a defense. We stood up for each other. (I thought that bitch said it was made to cause trouble) She told
me to delete my journal. And I did. I just couldn't take the backlash
anymore. I didn't even care that my lie would hurt others. I was just
so glad to give something back to a few of those girls that hurt me.
And I know I struck a chord. I know. I saw the anonymous memes. I saw
the things that were said (they were funny to). Even recently, at damante's journal, I made
an anonymous comment about my mother having an abortion before she had
me, making me feel out of place in life (it's a damn shame she didn't have one with you). And what do you know? The
same girls that attacked me as my username, offered empathetic words
to me. Absolute hypocricy ($5 word lolz), all because I wasn't signed in. And let me
tell you how hard it was to see my flist's reaction. I wanted so
desperately to undelete my journal and tell everyone I was fucking
alive and none of this had ever happened. But I couldn't. I was under
the watchful eyes of Alaina (LMAO hello prison guard). I couldn't fuck anything up. She swore us
all to secrecy. One word and we were "fucking over on livejournal" (LOLZ). I
can't live this lie anymore. I don't care how Alaina feels (Does she even talk to that bitch wtf?). But I feel
guilty. I feel sick and conniving(you are..and ugly). And I feel like I've played a dirty
trick on everyone(DUH, I feel betrayed).

Then there was the public post at Alaina's journal, The Great Delete,
and the mock icons used by Amy and Rachel (words can't describe how funny that was!!! wooo 5 pts for them). And let's not forget the
anti_veela slogan, "that bitch should have died and left livejournal
foreverz" (HHAHAHAHA FREE PLUGZZ, you know that shit is true, everyone STILL thinks it). That fucking hurt alright (mission accomplished). Even though I'd never attempted
to kill myself, I was gone from LJ. It seriously might have been real.
And it sure as hell felt like it (again, too bad it wasn't I got my hopes up for nothing).

And finally, Alaina's shining moment at tehparadox. She lied about me.
She made me seem like an insecure nutcase who tried to kill herself
over tehelite drama (yeah that insecure nutcase was right, she didn't even need to try to make you seem like that). Yeah, I was pretty fucking mad, but never NEVER
would I bring online shit into my life. Believe it or not, I'm just
fine the next day. What REALLY got me was the fact that NO ONE close
to them ever seemed to have enough balls to tell them they were
fucking wrong to their face (BECAUSE NO BODY CARED!!). But, I have more to live for than petty
internet drama (you wish). LJ is not that much of my life (*snort*). But I was "gone". I
couldn't defend myself at all. Alaina even suggested we change up the
story and say I hade died and that I never come back. (or if I did, I
would have to lay low and probably stay out of the HP fandom entirely)
I flat out refused. She was not going to control what I did on
LiveJournal (lolz anyone seen iRobot?. Even so, I honestly felt grateful to her (she showed that well). It seemed like
it worked( nah). The only way for it all to stop was a near death
experience. That's pretty fucking sad when it has to take something
like that to get those fools to shut up(yet no one did sorry =().

I came back a lot earlier than Alaina would have liked. And things
really went downhill from there. What I really want to say is I
apologize to everyone. Despite the fact that Alaina masterminded this,
I allowed it to happen. I suppose I was desperate (still are). I knew it was sick.
But I can't keep this hidden any longer. Alaina would never tell
anyone; but I'm not like her. And it's taken the past couple of months
out of tehparadox and being away from her to realize I wasn't myself
around her. And ficklegirl and _lyingawake_, I want to let you both
know how much I love you (Am I in a Disney movie?). I wish some things didn't have to happen (me too, like you really not almost dying);
but, I'll never regret you two.

As for the rest of my flist, if you're disgusted please just cut me (I would). I
won't raise a fuss. Everything will be fine. But before you judge me,
please try to look from my perspective. I know I really went about it
all the wrong way. But things, were fucking ugly on BOTH sides. So
naturally, it just escalated from there. I didn't enjoy a minute of
it. I wanted it all to be over (then please REALLY die). I got caught up in all of Alaina's
words, which really is unlike me (Hello, Jawbreaker).

Comments will be screened, so please don't hold back. I just have to
get this all out now. And for the love of god, I'm trusting you.
Please keep this to yourself (oops). This is a filter after all, it'd be
pretty fucking obvious if this was shared with anyone (Who dun it?).

Damn its_couwhore you got punked as a friend I'd gut that bitch if I was you, can we fuck later sexy? lolz that's great praying mantis, but no matter how hard you try to blame someone else WE'LL STILL ALWAYS HATE YOU THE MOST. So do us a favor and this time REALLY die or leave. Thanks!
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QUEER EYE FOR THE...VEELA??? [24 Apr 2005|04:54pm]

So liek yesterday I was watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and they were doing this dude named Scott. and holy shit if he didn't look JUST like Veelarz with AND without his glasses on. & They're both from Texas lolz she probably is that dude.


maybe I'm just being rude becuz she won't add me to her new journal now I know how proleptical,lesyeuxverts, its_couture, autre, & acciofirebolt feel lolz

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[22 Apr 2005|10:48am]

Veela is moving on up!

Veelarz is now lores_ original much? So new place to stalk!1 I joined her new icon place today tooo I wish I could make totes c00l icons like hers!

lolz what a loser. Some people should just die.

♥ ♥
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[12 Apr 2005|06:58pm]


creamedxmyxpants: excuse me?
creamedxmyxpants: i did because i figured that's what you wanted. things weren't exactly okay.
creamedxmyxpants: could you please not type in caps?
Its BOMBASTIC: lolz k
Its BOMBASTIC: what is damante your new sidekick?
creamedxmyxpants: why do you care?
Its BOMBASTIC: becuz we were best friendz, you made me cry :-( more than once
Its BOMBASTIC: its_couture has feelings too
Its BOMBASTIC: she's not just a raging bitch
Its BOMBASTIC: minus the pills lolz
creamedxmyxpants: you're so cute rachel
creamedxmyxpants: you must be so fucking bored with yourself
Its BOMBASTIC: i'm not rachel
Its BOMBASTIC: she's not even this smart
creamedxmyxpants: what the hell do you want?
creamedxmyxpants: i know you hate me, so what do you want?
Its BOMBASTIC: what happened to tehparadox I thought it was friendz 4ever
creamedxmyxpants: i don't know. maybe you all at tehelite could answer that for me
Its BOMBASTIC: u were in it
creamedxmyxpants: in tehelite? no i think you're mistaken
Its BOMBASTIC: tehparashitz silliez
creamedxmyxpants: let's see, are you amy? or ...i can't think of that other little shit's name now, it escapes me.
Its BOMBASTIC: no lolz
Its BOMBASTIC: y do u care so much?
creamedxmyxpants: erica that's it
Its BOMBASTIC: lolz noooooooooo
creamedxmyxpants: maybe jacquie then
creamedxmyxpants signed off at 6:53:24 PM.
Its BOMBASTIC: lolz nah
Previous message was not received by creamedxmyxpants because of error: User creamedxmyxpants is not available.

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[07 Apr 2005|06:58pm]

First post, omg!

I hate veela, she really does look like a praying mantisss on crack.

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